The 8th arrondissement in Paris


The Relais Monceau Hotel is but a short distance away from the Park Monceau – this park was designed in 1852 by Carmontelle for Philippe d’Orléans, the Duke of Chartres, and cousin to the King Louis XVI. It is perfect for a safe morning jog or you may take an afternoon stroll and admire the roman colonnades, the enchanted grotto, the Naumachia water feature and the miniature Egyptian pyramid. Claude Monet, the Impressionist artist, admired it so much that he painted five pictures of the park. .

The wealthy industrialists in the 19th century who developed this district were great collectors of antiques and fine art and they built beautiful mansions to house their collections. A few of these houses have been turned into museums and no visitor to Paris should miss them:

All three museums are next to the Park Monceau and near our hotel. .

The 8th arrondissement is also the district that inspired the impressionist painters, Monet, Manet, Gustave Caillebotte... The Gare Saint-Lazare and the steam trains provided many subjects for their paintings as well as being the station that took them to Normandy, along the Seine.… The nearby Batignolles area served as a base for the painter Manet who painted scenes of lively café life. It is now a fashionable place to live, with many artists and art galleries…

The « Maison Loo » is a red Chinese pagoda in the heart of the 8th district and is now an art gallery specializing in Asian Art. .

For music lovers, the area between the nearby rue de Constantinople and rue de Rome is the historical musical center of Paris. Every other shop is selling musical instruments, sheet music partitions or stringed-instrument workshops for luthiers -repairing or making lutes, violins, guitars… Indeed the Paris Conservatoire is a street away on rue de Madrid