Monuments à proximité du Relais Monceau

The monuments around the hotel


The Hotel Relais Monceau is situated in the heart of Paris, and therefore it is easy and quick to get around to all the monuments and sites: (everything is 15 or less minutes away):

The sights of a first weekend in Paris To get there from the hotel
Champs ElyseesChamps Elysees hotel paris4 "€Champs Elysees hotel paris20 "
Arc de TriompheArc de Triomphe hotel paris5 "€Arc de Triomphe hotel paris25 "
Musee du LouvreMusee du Louvre hotel paris5 "€Musee du Louvre hotel paris30 "
ConcordeConcorde  hotel paris5 "€Concorde hotel paris25 "
La Tour eiffelTour eiffel hotel paris9 "Tour eiffel hotel paris45 "
Notre DameNotre Dame hotel paris10 "€Notre Dame hotel paris50 "
Sacre CœurSacre Cœur hotel paris11 "€Sacre Cœur hotel paris35 "
And to go a little further ...  
Eglise Saint AugustinEglise Saint Augustin  hotel paris1 "€Eglise Saint Augustin hotel paris5 "
Opera GarnierOpera Garnier  hotel paris3 "€Opera Garnier hotel paris15 "
Eglise de la MadeleineEglise de la Madeleine hotel paris4 "€Eglise de la Madeleine hotel paris17 "
Petits Palais et Grands PalaisPetits Palais et Grands Palais hotel paris6 "€Petits Palais et Grands Palais hotel paris25 "
Musee du quai d'OrsayMusee du quai d'Orsay  hotel paris6 "€Musee du quai d'Orsay hotel paris35 "
Les InvalidesLes Invalides hotel paris6 "€Les Invalides hotel paris35 "
Jardins des TuileriesJardins des Tuileries  hotel paris7 "€Jardins des Tuileries hotel paris25 "
Musee du quai BranlyMusee du quai Branly  hotel paris8 "€Musee du quai Branly hotel paris50 "
To discover Paris by an other way ...  
Parc MonceauParc Monceau hotel paris1 "€Parc Monceau hotel paris5 "
Musee Nissim de CamondoMusee Nissim de Camondo hotel paris2 "€Musee Nissim de Camondo hotel paris6 "
Musee Jacquemart AndreMusee Jacquemart Andre hotel paris2 "€Musee Jacquemart Andre hotel paris6 "
Musee CernuschiMusee Cernuschi hotel paris4 "€Musee Cernuschi hotel paris17 "
Musee de la Vie RomantiqueMusee de la Vie Romantique hotel paris5 "€Musee de la Vie Romantique hotel paris17 "
Les Arts DecoratifsLes Arts Decoratifs hotel paris5 "€Les Arts Decoratifs hotel paris30 "
Musee GuimetMusee Guimet hotel paris7 "€Musee Guimet hotel paris37 "

Amongst these, towards the West, in the same neighborhood, there is the Orthodox Church of Paris, with its wonderful golden onion-shaped cupolas consecrated in 1861 by Saint-Alexander-Nevsky (it is the primary place of worship for the Russian orthodox community in France).

Towards the south is the Church of Saint Augustin with its impressive metal dome, dating from 1860-1871; to the east is the Madeleine church designed in the Neoclassical style and whose first stone was laid by Louis XV – it was consecrated only in 1845. At one point, there were plans to turn the Madeleine into Paris’ first train station or into a temple to honor Napoleon’s soldiers.

The Lycee Condorcet is nearby; it is a former monastery, designed by the famous Brongniart, and transformed into a school by Napoleon in 1803. Among its former pupils are Proust, the artists Jean Cocteau and Toulouse-Lautrec, the car manufacturer André Citroën, the photographer Nadar…