• Breakfast is served between 7.00AM to 10.30AM in the
  • Breakfast Room (ground floor) or in your bedroom.
    Breakfast in the Breakfast Room : Wide choice of options served in buffet – hot and cold dishes.
    19€ per adult – 12€ per child from 8 to 17 years old – Offered to children between 2 and 7 years old.


  • For Sanitary Reasons, we have withdrawn some elements of the room : decorative cushion, Paper/Pen, Mini Bar… However, the minifridge remains at your disposal for your personal use. You can find all the measures taken on our website.
  • You have the possibility to decline the daily cleaning service to minimize contacts and avoid contamination.


  • Towels : When hung, they are not automatically changed. If you want your towels to be changed, you can leave it within the bathtub or on the floor.
  • Automatic warming and air-conditioning turn off system when windows open.
  • Use of environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • Use of energy-efficient bulbs.
  • Training our employees to implement our sustainability program is just as important as its development : Always turn off the lights, turn off warming and Air-conditioning system in unoccupied rooms, not to keep the water running… We encourage all our customers to participate in our program.


  • To call the Reception Desk, dial 9.
  • To call a Room, dial 3 + the Room Number.
  • To call Outside, dial 0 + the phone number.
  • France : 0.30€/min. – Portable : 0.90€/min. – International : 0.90€/min.
  • Wake-up call Service available on request at the Reception Desk. Please, make sure your phone is well hung up the night before.


  • All the Front Desk Staff is available to help you 24H/24 & 7d/7.
  • 1 bottle of water is offered by person at the check-in. Extra charge from the 2nd day (3€) and available at the bar.
  • Laundry Service : Same Day Delivery if Laundry left at the Reception Desk before 10.00AM. Laundry forms and bags are available at the Front Desk.
  • Concierge Service : All the Staff is available to help you organize your trip. Do not hesitate to ask advice regarding the main tourist attractions, stores. The Staff would be very pleased to assist you with the booking of a hairdresser, beauty care center, massage… or help you to reserve dinner in a restaurant.
  • Individual Warming and Air-Conditioning system.
  • Slippers, Shower Caps, Shaving Kits, Toothpastes & Toothbrushes, Sewing kits are available at your convenience at the Front Desk.
  • Safety Box at your convenience in the wardrobe with instructions. Do not forget to protect your valuables by using the safe, the hotel declines any liability in the case of theft or loss.
  • We offer a wide selection of National and International Television Channels.


Enjoy your drink in the special atmosphere on the ground floor of our Bar or on the terrace if the weather allows…

Mineral Water (33cl): € 3 | Infusion: 3 € | Orange juice 25cl: € 4 | Nespresso: € 3 | Coke or Scwheppes 25cl: € 4 | Perrier 20cl: € 4 | Mariage Frères tea: 5 € | Beer 25cl (Heineken – 1664): € 4 | Martini 4cl (Bianco, Rosso): 5 € | Campari 4cl: 5 € | Port Colheita 2000 6cl: 5 € | Ricard, Pastis 51 2cl: 5 € | Gin Fishers 4cl: 9 € | Cognac Ile de Ré 4cl: € 9 | Rum Fair XO 4cl: 9 € | Whiskey Campbelltown Loch 4cl: 9 € | Whiskey SpringBank 4cl: 9 € | Lagavulin 16 years 4cl whiskey: 12 €

Wine 50cl (Red / White): 11 € | Wine 75cl (Red / White / Rosé): 17 € | Champagne: ½ Bt 37.5cl: 32 € | 75cl: 55 €

  • Price TTC

The Hotel reminds the Customer that it is strictly prohibited to smoke or vape in public places since January 2nd, 2008. The Hotel is a nonsmoking area beside the dedicated outdoor smoking areas where dedicated ashtrays are available. Hence, it is strictly prohibited to smoke or vape in the rooms for both obvious safety and comfort reasons. The Customer will thus be held responsible for the totality of the charges related to the cleaning or to the rehabilitation of the damaged item or area. If cigarette or vape smoke is detected within the room, the Hotel is entitled to charge the Customer with the total cost for the immobilization of the room (number of nights immobilized multiplied by the current day rate with a maximum of 3 nights charged).